The Importance of Correct Workwear and Equipment

Having the right workwear and equipment for any job is important in terms of being able to do the job properly, and in a number of workplaces it is a crucial element in the health and safety of the employee and possibly of other employees as well. Whilst most employers will help make sure their staff have the correct workwear, some may skimp on certain aspects, or expect staff to pay for their own workplace clothing and equipment. [Read More]

Choosing the Right Safety Footwear Depends on the Hazards of Your Work

The right footwear is an integral part of any set of safety clothing. As there is such a range of hazards that can affect the feet, keeping them protected is of high importance in many types of work. However, it's not a simple case of choosing any safety shoes – they need to be the right ones for your workplace. Since safety footwear varies in the precise type of protection each pair provides, the key to choosing wisely is to think about the risks in your job and get footwear that guards against them. [Read More]

Why you need custom t-shirts for your sporting team tour

If you are taking your school or sports club team on a national or international tour, it's a great idea to get some custom t-shirts made up. Here are some of the reasons to get some custom t-shirts made for them. Recognises the hard work the team as put in As kids have been putting in extra hours of training and work to achieve this great result, it only makes sense to acknowledge their hard work and dedication with a small token of recognition. [Read More]

How to Look Your Best in a Suit if You Don't Often Wear Them

These days many people don't regularly wear suits, but the situations where you do wear a suit tend to highly important events in our lives such weddings, funerals and job interviews. Here are some tips to make sure you look great next time you wear your suit. Make sure it fits right It's easy to assume that your suit should fit right because it fit the last time you wore it, but unfortunately time has a tendency to change our body shape. [Read More]