Women: Five Essential Accessories You Need to Make Your AFL Jersey Look Stylish

AFL jerseys certainly aren't just for men or boys, and if you are a woman, there are a range of jerseys designed just for you. With the right accessories, you can even dress up your AFL jersey and make it look fashionable. The next time you want to support your favourite team in style, pair one of these five accessories with your ALF jersey:

1. Blazer

Whether it is casual Friday at the office or you are going out for drinks with friends, a blazer adds a bit of extra style and class to your favourite AFL jersey. Pair a fitted jersey with a blazer in a coordinating colour, or if you prefer a slightly more casual look, layer the AFL jersey with a hoodie under a blazer or denim jacket.

2. Pencil skirt

The baggy look of some jerseys contrast admirably with fitted bottoms. Grab your favourite oversized jersey and pair it with a pencil skirt for a smart look or tight jeans or leggings for a slightly more casual look.

3. A Big Belt

If you want to reign in a large and loose AFL jersey so you can show off your figure, grab a big belt. If you have an AFL jersey that hits your waist or hips, try fitted bottoms with a belt on the top of your skirt or jeans. Whether the belt sits tightly on your waist and jauntily on your hips, it looks great with a jersey paired with pencil skirts or leggings.

Alternatively, if you have an extra long jersey, use a big belt over the middle of the jersey to make it look like a dress. Then, pair it with tights and boots.

4. Singlet

If your oversized jersey tends to slip off your shoulder, layer a lacy camisole or casual ribbed tank top or singlet underneath it as well. Play with contrasting materials such as sporty mesh jerseys paired with silky camisoles or create contrast through colour.

5. Scarf

A scarf can dress up any outfit, including a sport jersey. Pair a solid-coloured scarf with an AFL jersey and the blazer or denim jacket advised above, or use a scarf in lieu of a big belt.

Alternatively, skip the AFL jersey, and invest in a scarf printed with the name, mascot and colours of your favourite AFL team. It's a great way to show your team spirit, and you can wear an AFL scarf with almost any outfit.