Backpacking Adventures | 3 Tips to Buy Backpack Luggage For Your Travels

If you've decided to go on a backpacking adventure for a few months, then chances are you're thinking of buying a backpack to support your travel plans. If you are looking to buy luggage online or in a store, you will need to consider the fit, capacity, type and features you want from your backpack. This guide is designed to help you make an informed choice when it comes to buying backpacks for your adventurous travels.

Consider the Type of Backpack You Need

Backpacks come in three main categories –– daypacks, internal frame packs and external frame packs. Daypacks are usually used for single day trips, so this probably wouldn't fall into the category you need for longer travelling. Internal frame packs have an interior frame and are ideal for heavier loads. Because the frame is located internally, they tend to snugly fit against the contours of your back for better comfort. External frame packs have an exterior frame and are also meant for carrying heavier loads. Since the backpack is hung off the exterior frame, it is positioned away from your back. It gives good weight transfer to the hips, enabling you to walk more uprightly. The snug fit of internal frame backpacks works best for mountain climbing, trekking and hiking, while the better posture from external frame backpacks makes them a good choice for bush and trail walks. If you decide to buy luggage online, make sure you backpack comes with a hip belt for better balance when carrying heavy loads.

Choose the Size Based on Your Torso

You'll naturally want a backpack that fits comfortably against your back when you're carrying heavy loads, so size will play a big role in your buying decision. Most backpack manufacturers offer length, volume and height details to help you make better choices based on your body structure. Measure your torso length, so you can look for backpacks that fit your body better. Women have smaller body structures than men, so most manufacturers have separate products that cater specifically to fit the contours of women's bodies. For example, women's backpacks are smaller and have narrower shoulder straps with better tapering. It's always ideal to measure the size of your torso to help you choose an appropriate size when you buy luggage online or in a store.

Check for Features that Matter to You

If you're buying a backpack for a specific travel need, you may want to look for features that cater well to those needs. For example, if you're going skiing or hiking, you may want to choose backpacks that come with gear attachments for hiking poles, skiing poles, ice axes and helmets. If you're planning to head out in poor weather conditions, you may want to look for a backpack that comes with a rain cover for better protection. If you need storage, look for backpacks that offer multiple front and side mesh or zip pockets.

If you decide to buy luggage from online stores, like Sweeney Luggage Centre, or in a store for your next adventure, consider these backpack luggage tips to make a smart choice.