How to Look Your Best in a Suit if You Don't Often Wear Them

These days many people don't regularly wear suits, but the situations where you do wear a suit tend to highly important events in our lives such weddings, funerals and job interviews. Here are some tips to make sure you look great next time you wear your suit.

Make sure it fits right

It's easy to assume that your suit should fit right because it fit the last time you wore it, but unfortunately time has a tendency to change our body shape. Make sure to check your suits at least a week before you need to wear it so you can see if it still fits, or whether it needs to be taken out especially if it's been a while since your last wore a suit. Slightly tight suits can be remedied by a tailor but a suit that needs letting out by more than a couple of centimeters will often not able to be modified as modern suits don't tend to have generous seams built in. Make sure you can sit down comfortable, extend your hands for handshaking and stretch with out straining the seams.

Take a subtle sniff

Even if the suit headed onto the hanger clean, if it's been hanging in the back of the closet it's possible to get mildew which smells and looks awful. Take a sniff to see if the suit still smells fresh, and if you need to freshen it up you can get it dry-cleaned. If you only have a few hours, try and spot clean any mildew spots and leave the suit out to air to take care of the odor.

Accessorise subtly

The growing trend with suits is to wear some subtle accessories. A pop of colour in a darker suit can draw out details in your tie or suit pattern. If you don't feel confident in choosing patterns stay in a comfortable colour family, such as a light blue striped tie with a darker blue pocket square. Accessories can be a cheap and easy way to update an older suit for a job interview or other event.

If your suit seems utterly outdated or very poorly fitting it may be time to buy a new suit. With so many options, resources like Adriano Carbone Master Tailor can offer advice on finding a suit to fit your body and personality perfectly as well as making you look fresh and modern.