Why you need custom t-shirts for your sporting team tour

If you are taking your school or sports club team on a national or international tour, it's a great idea to get some custom t-shirts made up. Here are some of the reasons to get some custom t-shirts made for them.

Recognises the hard work the team as put in

As kids have been putting in extra hours of training and work to achieve this great result, it only makes sense to acknowledge their hard work and dedication with a small token of recognition. It draws the team together in an aesthetic way for team photos and helps to kids to feel even more like a team. While the team uniform is an important symbol of this unity, custom t-shirts can be worn before and after games as well as while travelling. If some of the team (or their parents) have an artistic or design bent, you can even get them to help design the t-shirt.

Advertising space

If you have been getting some support for this tour from local businesses, including funds for flight or use of space for events, then space on the team t-shirts is a great bonus to offer your sponsors. It gives them a chance to promote their brand in a positive way by being seen on the team's shirts.

Equally, if your team members are emblazoned with their school or sporting club logo it can be a useful way to remind them to behave appropriately at all times, as their clothing is turning them into a walking advertisement for the team.

If you are organising a sporting team tour, custom t-shirts are a perfect way to recognise the contribution of the team members and supporters of your team. Wearing the same t-shirts can help bond the team together and create a great souvenir of the tour. Why not organise some custom t-shirts for your next tour?

A souvenir and swap item

If you are a stretched with a budget for the tour and know that some of you term is struggling to pay for items supplying them with shirts helps them to afford the trip and gives them a built in souvenir of the tour that they can get signed by team mates. They can also exchange the shirts with members of the opposite team, without having to worry about the impact on their parents of swapping more expensive pieces of uniform or sports kit.