The Importance of Correct Workwear and Equipment

Having the right workwear and equipment for any job is important in terms of being able to do the job properly, and in a number of workplaces it is a crucial element in the health and safety of the employee and possibly of other employees as well.

Whilst most employers will help make sure their staff have the correct workwear, some may skimp on certain aspects, or expect staff to pay for their own workplace clothing and equipment.

People who are apprentices in certain trades and professions can find the cost of having to purchase workwear a real strain on their finances, and in certain territories and provinces, the government provides certain financial help, by way of bonuses, that can be used towards the cost of such workwear.

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety is the responsibility of both the employer and employee. Certain jobs, especially in the construction and building industries, carry a significant number of risks which should be included in any injury prevention and safety strategy.

These risks need to be carefully identified, and employees should be given the correct clothing or workwear to protect them from any potential injury or illness.

Workplace Hazards and Risks

The Risk of Asbestos

Many people still think of asbestos as a historical issue, when in fact it is still present in a number of buildings and workplace environments. Its removal can be highly dangerous, and anyone involved in such work needs to have very specific clothing and facial wear in order to keep themselves safe.

Asbestos can also be found in what could be thought of as more day-to-day items such as electrical switchboards and meters.

Risks of Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous or dangerous chemicals can be present in a number of products and workplaces, including the construction, manufacturing and health care industries.

When work involving such chemicals is identified, then protective clothing needs to be worn at all times, including gloves, facemasks, protective lenses and possibly industrial aprons to protect against splashes.

The Dangers of Noise

While noise is not normally considered a risk, certain levels of noise for an extended period of time can have a significant effect on someone's hearing or their orientation, and employees should be given protective workwear.

The use of what are referred to as ear defenders can be crucial in protecting an individual's health and allowing them to do their job properly and safely.

High-Visability Workwear

Certain industries, notably construction and transportation, require employees to wear high-visibility workwear at all times, for a very simple reason. It is so that their employees can be seen by other people. Accidents at work happen for a variety of reasons, but often a major factor is simply that someone didn't see someone else and acted accordingly.

High-visibility workwear doesn't completely eliminate risk, but it does to significantly reduce the risk of human error or human complacency, and it should always be thought of in the context of other health and safety measures.

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