Two tips for those who need to start using a coin laundry

If you need to start using a local coin laundry facility, these tips will probably come in handy.

Calculate your weekly laundry bill and then stock up on coins

You will need to keep plenty of spare change on hand to pay for the weekly or bi-weekly loads of laundry that you'll do at the coin laundromat. Rather than just exchanging, for example, a 100-dollar bill for coins at your bank and seeing how long this lasts, you should calculate how much your weekly laundry bill will be and then stock up on coins that will last you at least six months.

You can calculate how much each trip will cost by determining how many loads of laundry you'll do during each visit and how much the coin laundromat charges per load. For example, if they charge four dollars for each load and you do three loads during your weekly visit, you'll spend 12 dollars a week on laundry. For six months of laundry, you'll need 288 dollars, in coins.

Using this methodical approach will mean you will know exactly when you will need to stock up on coins again (i.e., at the six-month mark) and that you won't run out of coins unexpectedly before this point. This, in turn, will mean you won't ever have to desperately search under the sofa cushions or rifle through your coat pockets in search of coins so that you can wash your clothes and will ensure that you don't have to wear unclean clothes because you couldn't find any spare change.

Buy a coin dispenser

It might also be a good idea to buy a coin dispenser and to put the coins you stock up on for your laundry into this item. If, for example, you leave your coins loose around your home or in your car, you or your family members might confuse this laundry money with the other spare change that you leave lying around these areas, and some of you might then end up spending it, in which case you might then find yourself without any coins with which to wash your clothes.

If, on the other hand, you keep this money in a coin dispenser that you only use as a fund for your laundry and you only dispense the exact amount you need for your weekly laundromat visit, you won't have to worry about you or someone else accidentally spending this money that you've allocated for laundry. This is particularly important if you have a small income and could not afford to replace any money that goes missing from your laundry fund.