Two reasons to follow when buying accessories for your yoga practise

If you've just started practising yoga and need some accessories for this new hobby, here are some tips to follow.

Opt for a cork yoga mat

Your yoga mat is arguably the most important accessory you will need. The quality of this item will affect your balance, your comfort levels and your risk of injury when you practise yoga. Whilst there are many colourful rubber yoga mats for sale, it's worth opting for one made from cork instead.

There are many reasons for this. The first is that cork yoga mats provide excellent traction even when they become damp; this means that if you choose to do a lengthy and demanding Ashtanga practise that makes your hands and feet sweat, or if you take the mat to a Bikram yoga class where the room temperature is very high and leads to extreme perspiration, you'll still be able to grip the mat. Traction is not only important in regards to your comfort levels but will also reduce your chances of sliding out of a pose and falling over when you need to remain in it for a few minutes.

Additionally, cork mats are a far more natural version of this accessory than colourful rubber mats; the latter are usually produced using a variety of dyes and chemicals, which give them their pretty but synthetic hues and patterns. If you plan to spend a lot of time practising yoga, it's sensible to choose a cork mat so that your practise doesn't result in you being exposed to too many dyes and other chemicals.

Consider purchasing a set of yoga blocks, too

Whilst yoga blocks are not quite as essential as a yoga mat, they can greatly enhance your yoga practise in its early stages when you might not yet have the flexibility needed to do the full versions of some poses and may require some support to do the adjusted versions of them instead. You can also use these blocks to deepen some stretches if you want to challenge yourself.

It's worth opting for yoga blocks made of cork, too; these will not only complement your cork yoga mat and thus make the area in which you practise yoga more aesthetically pleasing but will also provide the same high level of grip that this yoga mat will, and thus make any poses in which you use the blocks to, for example, support your elevated hands or hips, much safer.